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Galleries From A to Z Sued Over Websites the Blind Can’t Use

The number of lawsuits nationwide nearly tripled in 2018. Is it an overdue move for the rights of the disabled or a way for lawyers to […]

Art Industry News: Fooled by Fake Paperwork, the Met Bought a Stolen Egyptian Coffin for $4 Million + Other Stories

NEED-TO-READ The Louvre Does Want to Borrow  – The Louvre in Paris has dismissed the claim by a French expert that showing Salvator Mundi would be “scandalous” […]

Jasper Johns, in Images

For 60 years, he has been a sort of oracle, reshaping our ideas about art and collective selfhood. At 88, he’s still searching for meaning. Source […]

Cuba Must Not Return to the Dark Years of Censorship

A controversial new decree imposing limits on artistic practice threatens to derail a thriving cultural scene in Havana. Source link

Jasper Johns, American Legend

The artist’s work has managed to speak both to and for the country’s consciousness for the last 60 years — and he’s not done yet. Source […]

An Antiques Dealer Thinks He Found the Bed Where King VIII Was Conceived. It Was Hiding in Plain Sight in an English Hotel Room

An intricately carved and decorated oak four-poster bed that spent more than 15 years furnishing the honeymoon suite of a British hotel may have belonged to King […]

‘Audacity Is the Only Ticket’: How Winston Churchill, an Amateur Artist, Treated Painting as a Battlefield

During the summer of 1915, Churchill’s spirits were at their lowest ebb in the aftermath of the disastrous troop landings in the Dardanelles at Gallipoli. There […]

As a New Rembrandt Show Opens, This Dutch Charity Is Bringing Terminally Ill Patients to See It

There’s a remarkable Dutch charity that helps those with the dying wish to visit the Rijksmuseum fulfill their dreams, and when the Amsterdam institution last organized a […]

The Surprising Tale of One of Frank Stella’s Black Paintings

At 82, this titan of Modernism is talking about the past, taking stock and putting some of his works and part of his collection up for […]

How The Primary Structures Exhibition of 1966 Changed Course of Art History

How The Primary Structures Exhibition of 1966 Changed Course of Art History February 17, 2019 Elena Martinique A philosophy graduate interested in theory, politics and art. […]