The exterior of SITE Santa Fe.


The 2018 edition of the SITElines biennial opens to the public today at SITE Santa Fe. The exhibition, which is titled “Casa tomada,” is curated by José Luis Blondet, Candice Hopkins, and Ruba Katrib, with Naomi Beckwith serving as curatorial adviser, and features work by 23 artists, including 10 new commissions. Its title is an awkward phrase that deliberately doesn’t make sense—it can be loosely translated as either “drunken house” or “house under siege.” The exhibition’s name is borrowed from a 1946 short story by Argentine writer Julio Cortázar about two bourgeois siblings living in their ancestral home in Buenos Aires. Slowly and inexplicably, they are forced out of sections of their house; finally, they must leave altogether. Below, a look at some of the stunning show’s highlights. A full report on the exhibition will follow next week.