Very beautiful short video of my experience with my people and my art in Cape Town. I am really moved to remember what it’s been to share so much love with the greatest souls of Salt River as this just gives you a glimpse of the intensity I have lived there ! Thank you 🌿❤️! I will never forget Faeza Rossier my wall owner who loves fashion and is such a loving and straight person, Fatgiya Abrahams and all her family who came every morning to help me build my scaffolding , bring food and protect me , Mélissa Cucci the grand organiser of IPAF Festival who has shared all her passion and more with me and has given the soul and passion to the whole event, my new friend Jody Faulmann who brought his angel aura touch 😇 to my trip in Cape Town. And also everyone down the list who shared amazing energy – all the artists I have met and their passion and creativity especially South African artists for their deep spirit 🙌 : Salla Ikonen Keith Vlahakis Ellen Page Byron Zesta Guenther Julia Riordan and Emma Lucas Aoki Mac1 , Roa Jared Aufrichtig , the team with Arnaud and our national entertainers Kat O’Marley and Donna De Sani, papa ours Seb, Salem, and also L7 – Craft Beer SA who gave us the best Belgian beer during the event and his manager Alex. All the tech guys like Olivier 🎬! Special thanks to Nadia the tour guide who invited me for a beautiful lunch at her place and understood the full meaning of my work, as well as Wian who was handy , positive and super cool with all my needs to work properly and refurbish the wall completely. Not on Facebook, the locals who helped me and who you will see in the video I will post later this week Rédouane with only one arm who works better than 10 men with 2 arms and also Abdullah ! 🧡💓👌😘❤️🙌🙌🙌🙌 Please support my local project with my friends Oscar Brousse Alvilda Jablonko Larry Moffett and more and like our page Mixelles . Save our trees save us ! 💚🍃🌿

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