My interview with LNFM yesterday also broadcast at Université catholique de Louvain. Lnfm is a radio initiative by IHECS communication school of Brussels. For the second time after Graffigirlz I am meeting with Angelique Stassin to talk about my art, project , and views on different things like graffiti, urban art, and mostly self expression. A version of this podcast will be posted with English subtiles.

Covering some question like :

What will you do for the Act Up-Paris aids week?
How does things go with other street artists ? Is this a team spirit project ?
What does your little girl character represent and where does it come from?
What advice would you give to someone willing to start graffiti ?

Anthéa Missy,Graffeuse

Anthea Missy, artiste street art / graffeuse était l’invitée du #SurEcoute d’aujourd’hui! Elle participera à l’évènement “Fight AIDS Paris Week” dont les bénéfices seront reversés pour la lutte contre le SIDA.
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