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Artists Denial & Sheefy McFly to Paint Glass Mural - LSD Magazine

Artists Denial & Sheefy McFly to Paint Glass Mural – LSD Magazine

Street Artists Commissioned to Paint New Glass Building in Detroit

When Canadian artist Denial first painted this pop art styled mural in Detroit, he had no idea of the impact it would have on the area. Located in the largest public farmers market in the states, it took but one day before considered an iconic landmark. Time rolls by and Dutch company MVRDV has been granted permission to demolish said building and build Glass Mural. The three storey office and retail building is forged from glass and covered in murals designed by the original artist Denial and Sheefy McFly. An additional deck is for future guest artists. Cutting edge glass printing tech will be utilised to cover the entire facade.

Murals decorate neighbouring buildings but nothing quite had the impact of Denial’s original or the Glass Mural building. Denial’s piece served as backdrop to thousands of social media posts, film and photography productions. Glass Mural immortalises the artists work and highlights the great work to be achieved by such collaborations. Where once these works were deemed unsociable, they now stand at the heart of the long standing community. It’s a joining of minds we’d like to see expand into the future.

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