Banksy Has Made a $466 million Artwork For the Royal Academy of Arts, London

June 07, 2018

The Royal Academy of Arts in London just opened the 250th Summer Exhibition, and organizer/academy member Grayson Perry curated a show of over 1,300 artworks in an “array of mediums,” as well as stature in the art world. You will see Anish Kapoor in the courtyard, as well as new works by David Hockney, Tal R, Wolfgang Tillmans, Tracey Emin, Bruce Nauman and Ed Ruscha. And, a Banksy.

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The show has been getting rave reviews. One of the reasons this spectacle caught our eye was the Banksy work in the show, which, as Artnet points out, is about Brexit and “is symbolically priced at £350 million ($466 million). The price reflects the amount that the Leave campaign once promised would go to the UK National Health Service each week if Britain left the EU. The artist has spray-painted on a scruffy pro-Leave placard so that it reads ‘Vote to Love,’ confirming his status as the unofficial artist for so-called ‘Remoaners.'”

We are always curious why Banksy isn’t included in more shows like this, especially in England, as his work is as relevant as any British artist working today, if not ANY artist working today in any context or stature. But here it is, and it’s a good sign. 

It appears that this may be one of the most sought after shows to check out of the summer in London. Go catch it! 

painting banksy

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