BSA Film Friday: 06.15.18

Now screening : 1. Shots of 7th Bushwick Block Party 2. FWTV – Street Art Trends that Have to Go 3. North West Walls in Belgium 4. Street Art Lisboa

BSA Special Feature: Shots of 7th Bushwick Block Party

SOALife uses a backwards-forwards video trick to grab small moments on the street two weeks ago in Bushwick Brooklyn while thousands milled around the neighborhood checking out murals. James Brown and Maceo and the JBs help the kinetic funky rhythm of the street become apparent.

FWTV – Street Art Trends that Have to Go

Doug is trying to alienate the few remaining friends that stuck around after his recent video examining Banksy and anti-semitism, Zionism and the Palestinians. Maybe he’s brandishing a reputation as truth teller, or maybe he’s just stirring the pot to watch you squirm. With this episode he offers candidates for Street Art trends that could/should be banished. If only it were that simple. Truth is, he skipped a few trends here, including blogs and videos that pontificate about Street Art trends.


In the category of “Respectable Commercial Gigs That Street Artists Can Take Without Selling Shampoo”, here’s a pop-up installation idea borrowed from other festivals where shipping containers are employed to build an environment for music revelers as the Rockwerchter Festival in Belgium. The stacked rectangular shapes in abstract cantilever formation are dramatic and high altitude canvasses here for Jarus, Phlegm, Hoxxoh, Smates, Astro and Telmomiel. It’s a stunning effect that requires talents of this caliber to push its limits.

Street Art Lisboa

Marta Torres shares this smartly edited and upbeat overview of Street Art that she is attracted to in Lisbon. Following that introduction she interviews three artists, Margarida Fleming, Tamara Alves, and Murta – about their practice and their view of the scene in their city:

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