BSA Film Friday: 07.13.18

Now screening :1. Lek & Sowat and the Towers of La Rochelle2. ASTRO’s New Fresco in South of Paris 3. Jef Aérosol for Wall Street Festival in Evry 4. Art Meets Milk – Bonzai . Kenz / First & Second Edition

BSA Special Feature: Lek & Sowat and the Towers of La Rochelle

The range and creative output of Street Artists astounds many who would narrowly define these artists capabilities or depth of knowledge and interests, but that sort of naivete like that comes with its own perils.

Here we see two guys previously known primarily for being vandals educating us about the history of graffiti as a practice. In this case the Tour Saint-Nicolas, one of the three towers of the waterfront of La Rochelle,  contains evidence of serious mark-making that may date back to the time of its origin in the mid-late 1300s.

For this installation Lek & Sowat tell us about the history of the structure from an architectural point of view and describe how they planned their new sculpture  “in situ” using the bridge as inspiration architecturally, merging those aesthetics with their own history of graffiti.

ASTRO’s New Fresco in South of Paris

Parisian Street Artist and graffiti artist Astro (Odv/Cbs)is equally comfortable doing a sharply wild burner as he is with an optically magic trip to another dimension. His abstractions grew out of a passionate dedication to calligraphy, curvilinear finess, and attraction to dynamic forms. For this project last month in the south of the city with Galerie Mathgoth the artist created a multistory illusion that characterizes his unique style and soars above the street.


Jef Aérosol for Wall Street Festival in Evry

You may have seen our piece this week on this wall as well : Jef Aérosol Creates Huge Fresco in Paris Sud for Wall Street Art Festival

“He wanted to highlight youth, its beauty and diversity,” says Gautier Jordain about French stencil master Jef Aérosol for this new public mural he just completed in Evry, in the south of Paris.


Art Meets Milk – Bonzai . Kenz / First Edition

Since publishing a video a few weeks ago about this project the artists have alerted us to two more graffiti videos that promote cows and milk – an unusual combination of family farming and graffiti style from the urban center.

Art Meet Milk – BustArt . Homre . Kenz / Second Edition

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