Dont Fret Mural on Hackney Road

Chicago based street artist Don’t Fret recently came to the city for an exhibition and launch of a collaborative book with London based artist Edwin. Whilst in town he painted this mural on Hackney Road in East London. The building was once home to infamous pub The Hackney Carriage, a local haunt for wide-boys in the 1980s. Don’t Fret uses text and conceptual art to define his thoughts, humour and disdain with the world.

‘It began really simply. Through that initial trip I described, it became clear to me that Edwin and I both love graffiti and “street art” but were frustrated by certain aspects and implications of it. The bottom line was we were both very interested in using the street as a catalyst to talk about ideas, whether they be ridiculously serious or silly, and that we both used a lot of text and language in our works to accomplish that, whether it be on the street or in the gallery.’ LSD Magazine Interview


Dont Fret Dont Fret Dont Fret







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