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Dzia Mural in Dendermonde

Dzia Ladybirds Mural in Belgium – LSD Magazine

Dzia Mural in Dendermonde


Street Artist Dzia Fresh Mural in Dendermonde

The Belgian muralist has been busy painting walls with zoological flair throughout an ever-widening expanse of the globe. He’s painted in a variety of cities around the world. Dzia, who holds a master’s degree in fine art from Antwerp’s Royal Academy, focuses on painting wild animals, such as foxes and birds. His unusual method creates a colourful mosaic that follows the animal’s form’s curves. Dzia uses tonal shading within each defined zone to lend dimension to the well-defined shapes. By painting animals in bold, geometric lines, he reintroduces them into the metropolis.

Dzia Mural in Dendermonde

Coccinellid is derived from the Latin word coccineus, which means “scarlet.” In the United Kingdom, the insects were known as “Our Lady’s bird” or “Lady beetle,” and the term “ladybird” was coined. Mary (Our Lady) was frequently depicted in early artworks wearing a scarlet cloak, and the seven spots of the seven-spot ladybird (the most common in Europe) were considered to symbolise her seven joys and sorrows. In the United States, the name was altered to “ladybug.” Common names in several European languages have the same meaning; for example, Marienkäfer in German means Marybeetle.

Photos Courtesy of Ferdinand Feys

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