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FAM Central NFT Marketplace and Investment Platform - LSD Magazine

FAM Central NFT Marketplace and Investment Platform – LSD Magazine


Fandom NFT’s for the Entertainment Industry

NFT has recently grabbed the world by storm, not only because of its unique worth, but also because of the variety of inapplicability it provides. NFT is gradually making its way into the actual world, in addition to being widely used in the crypto world. The film and entertainment business is one of the most promising areas for broad adoption. Because this is an area with a strong fan base, we refer to it as the “Fan Economy.”

The fan economy has existed for a long time, but few projects or artists, such as Marvel, Disney, and others, have been able to capitalise on its potential to build an economic model, a strong and long-lasting connection, and a century-long community. Fanvestor was created by FAM Central as a way for fans to satisfy their need for entertainment while also earning money as an investment. FAM Central launches their first NFT projects in Vietnam to establish the framework for future NFT development.

Fanvestor (Fan + Investor), which combines NFT and DEFI, powers FAM Central, a blockchain-based investment and entertainment platform. FAM Central works with film and entertainment industry partners to provide one-of-a-kind Fanvestor experiences, such as investing in cinema and entertainment projects, purchasing special NFTs items, and engaging in an entertainment-based ecosystem with voting rights. 

Fam Central NFT

The concept of combining the digital and physical worlds, engaging daily life, and getting to know people in order to deliver unique experiences for fans is FAM Central’s most notable distinction. FAM Central wants to partner with Artists/KOLs to offer NFT collections, interactive games with NFT incentives, NFT gratitude presents for the fan community, and more in order to help Artists grow their revenue and assets through fan support, while also strengthening the relationship between Artists and their fans. 

FAM Central is a website that allows movie fans to own and participate in a film’s development, as well as engage with actors, video, movie memorabilia, and even a red carpet ticket. NFT holders can not only collect NFTs as a pastime, but also buy, sell, and transfer them at any moment. They can also turn NFTs into Vouchers that can be used in the entertainment business.


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