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Fear Urban Climbing [Official Film] - LSD Magazine

Fear Urban Climbing [Official Film] – LSD Magazine

Urban Climbing, Rooftoping & Urban Exploration Documentary

“Fear” is a documentary on urban climbing, rooftoping, urban exploration, traveling, and adventure. Follow three friends as they embark on trips around Europe in Switzerland, Eastern Europe, and England; where they will showcase climbing the tallest outdoor elevator in Europe, freight car hop, climb high rise buildings, scale roofs 500 meters wide, infiltrate active bio-chemical facilities to climb a chimney, etc. Throughout their adventures, with them and their friends, they will encounter challenges and push mental boundaries to become better at their passion.

The film is non for profit and was not sponsored or endorsed by anyone. Taking almost three years of on and off filming/editing to compile and create, FEAR required almost 10 hours of footage and three separate countries to film in. The film is non fiction and all events are performed by individuals who have planned and practiced climbing with a combined experience of close to 30 years

We do not encourage these acts and only wish to show the world what we do educationally and to motivate others to simply follow their unique passions. Under NO circumstance do you attempt to recreate the acts in this film or any similar.

1$ To support our content 🙂

End Credit Art: @pallor__mortis (Subkinka) . The film follows Shiey, Dylan Rhodes, and Matt from Urban Odyssey. In collaboration with Desmond, Checkmate, and On The Edge. Matt Insta: @urbanodyseey Email: [email protected] Dylan Insta: @_fukq… Shiey: Insta: @shieyfreedom Desmond Checkmate OnTheEdge…

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