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Fugitive Dealer Inigo Philbrick Says He’s Not Contacting Kenny Schachter on Instagram

Fugitive Dealer Inigo Philbrick Says He’s Not Contacting Kenny Schachter on Instagram

The author of British GQ‘s story on gallerist Inigo Philbrick, Oliver Franklin-Wallis, has published a postscript to his article online to say that he was contacted by the disgraced dealer via email. Franklin-Wallis tried to pursue many of the outstanding questions surrounding the various court cases against Philbrick.

According to Franklin-Wallis, the fugitive art dealer only had one thing on his mind. That was making it clear that he is not in contact with his former friend, Kenny Schachter:

“I had not been planning to address any of the press surrounding my situation. It is a humiliating time; best intentions spoiled and friendships in ruin,” he wrote. “Over the last few month as Kenny [Schachter] either created or was mislead by some third party into presenting an ongoing dialogue between himself and me, I’ve been alternately amused and distressed by it… However, I am now receiving threats of violence based on words and statements attributed to me that are not of my authorship. As Kenny must well suspect, the communications he has reported have nothing to do with me… The implication that I am purchasing things from his online shop is obviously laughable given the circumstances.”

In response, Schachter told Franklin-Wallis, “I speak to him just about everyday!!!! He keeps threatening to show up at my doorstep.” Of the elaborate correspondence that Schachter claims to be conducting with Philbrick, he writes, “After a few days I always block him! Sometimes I draw him back in one purpose; it’s not hard all I have to do is mention/mock him. How do I know??? I pepper my communications with personal references only he would know!!!!”

Franklin-Wallis says the email he received from Philbrick comes from an account known to be used by the art dealer before the scandal broke. The writer says his reporting suggests the email he received purporting to be from Philbrick is authentic; but the author of the emails offered no photographic identification or other verification of authenticity.

The spat with Schachter would seem to be least of Philbrick’s concerns right now. Attorney Judd Grossman, who represents several claimants against Philbrick, suggested that officials are making progress toward bringing the dealer to justice.

“After the authorities track down Inigo—and they will—the next step will be to locate the millions of dollars he stole from a number of our clients through various off-shore entities and shell companies,” Grossman said in response to the news that Philbrick might have contacted the British GQ writer.

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