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Dmark Graffiti

German Graffiti Head Dmark on the Gram – LSD Magazine

Dmark Graffiti

LSD Magazine Crew Member Dmark Instagram

Berlin based graffiti writer Dmark has been painting walls since early teens. The young writer tagged everything from trains to street signs before settling on walls, canvases, sneakers and sunglasses. The subway decades behind him, Dmark is still actively involved in the culture and spends most days painting or promoting graffiti via social media. 

When NFT’s popped up on the radar Dmark was quick to produce a series of tags and pieces for purchase via Opensea (More news coming soon). Dmark has been part of LSD Magazine crew for years now. An admin on our Facebook page (over 500,000 followers), Dmark has helped promote graffiti from all corners of the planet. 

The anonymous writer is super responsive on social media, networking with global crews and posting works on a daily basis. Stay tuned to hear more about Dmark’s NFT exhibition in coming weeks.

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