I have teamed up with ecolo green ixelles for their political campaign with my artwork save our trees . It was printed on 1500 flyers for the communal elections coming in 2018 in Brussels Ixelles. The greens fight for a greener public space and are in between right and left wing in belgium. I am proud to be an #artivist. Since 2018 February I have been involved in my local neighbourhood through a collective that we created called Mixelles. The save our trees save us is not only local but also a global thing that is why It echoed in South Africa when I painted it with IPAF Festival for Faeza Rossier’s Hosiery,Swimwear,Ballet & Dance costumes. Many trees were cut and that was the origin of us to meet : calling for a greener Community. After some discussions we will be involved into the co creation of our new square in Ixelles Brussels . We will be giving our view on the new essences of trees to be planted this week. It is a good thing to start talking and just share our views. I am really proud to be an artist who can join words and action may it be with time and patience. Many people have had low beliefs I could actually have an influence. I told them: it is not me is is us, as long as we are bound by a mutual belief with the same faith we can make anything happen. Change needs time . Looking forward to continuing to be an involved person with my arts , speech and sharing those vibes for real actions. Even if it takes time 😎🦋🔥

Many thanks to Romain De Reusme Mixelles Mélissa Cucci Audrey Lhoest Cassandra Vet Oscar Brousse Ixelles Pour Tous Addicted Art Gallery Apa Futurity Pascal Smet Christos Doulkeridis Rue Berkendael – Sauvez nos Arbres/Red onze Bomen/Save our Trees Street Art 360 Widewalls Baz-Art

Inauguration de la chaussée d’Ixelles ce 7 juillet…Pour Audrey Lhoest et Christos Doulkeridis: “Un pas dans la bonne direction mais une bétonisation inacceptable”. A quand une commune plus verte?http://ixelles.ecolo.be/2018/07/07/c%E2%80%8Bhaussee-dixelles-un-pas-dans-la-bonne-direction-mais%E2%80%8B-%E2%80%8Bune-betonisation-inacceptable%E2%80%8B/
Illustration “Save our trees save us” : Anthea Missy | antheamissy.com | @myskyispink | Anthea Missy