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Illustrations by Rei Kato are a Summer Mood

Illustrations by Rei Kato are a Summer Mood

Happy Monday! It’s that time of year when the summer days begin to blur together so we thought we’d start off the week by admiring the washed out white and blue illustrations of Rei Kato, which truly are a summer mood.

Billowing white clouds, blue skies and water and a yearning for our teenage years are some of the characteristics common throughout the work of illustrator Rei Kato.

If you’re in Japan right now, Kato’s work can currently be found on bottles of Calpis in a well-planned campaign. Kato’s illustrations tell a short narrative, but one that is only fully revealed after the drink is finished.

photo by twitter user @uropenzetubou

photo by twitter user @uropenzetubou

You can see more of Rei Kato’s work and keep up with him on Instagram or Twitter.

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