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Juxtapoz Magazine - Brian Robertson's Portraying The "Lizard Brain" @ Galerie Droste in Paris

Juxtapoz Magazine – Brian Robertson’s Portraying The “Lizard Brain” @ Galerie Droste in Paris

When Brian Robertson refers to the title of his new show Lizard Brain, as “a nod to the subject matter I often employ“ in my self-portraits,” it’s clear that he is someone to engage in laughter or confession, or both! In that expression of primitive, usually male, instinct, the artist admits that cacti and succulents help portray his themes surrounding sexuality, insecurity and overcompensation. Following a successful show at Dallas Art Fair earlier this year, Robertson makes his solo debut October 22nd at Galerie Droste in Paris with a new series of works that will change the way you look at a prickly pear—or shop for produce. In addition, he presents a large painting that points in a whole, new…

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