Kicking off the fall season and opening on September 18th, Subliminal Projects is pleased to present Double Vision by Kevin Earl Taylor and Double Take by Nicholas Kyle Bowers, a two-person exhibition of new works by both artists.

Although both artists are originally from South Carolina, the now Los Angeles-based artists connected later in life through friends, finding common ground in their shared childhood experiences of outdoor adventure, rich with forests, hunting, and fishing. This formative foundation shows itself through both artists’ work. Though there is an entire America between their current environment and the Carolina border, the magnetism of their home state remains encrypted within the shared imagery and approach of exploring the relationship between nature, humans, and animals.

“I’ve known Kevin Taylor for 35 years and Nicholas Bowers for 15,” Shepard Fairey told us. “All three of us are artists, originally from South Carolina, now living in Los Angeles. Growing up, we were all drawn to things like skateboarding, edgy music, and avant-garde art… which were not dominant in S. Carolina. Yet, we realize that an appreciation for nature is critical to our perspective as thinkers and creators in our adult lives. Kevin and Nicholas make beautiful paintings that examine both the force and fragility of nature as well as the sometimes clashing and sometimes harmonious relationships between nature and humanity. These paintings are deceptively alluring and tranquil at a glance, but there is simmering tension in these works’ rich details.”