Thinkspace Projects is thrilled to present Evoca1’s debut west coast solo show. Sanctuary is a series that embodies Evoca1’s agenda to merge art and humanity into a single creation. With photorealistic works that have a delicate quality, he effortlessly conveys the nuances of human life, creating scenes of human life and emotion. 


‘Sanctuary’ transports us to a future where a group of children navigate a desolate earth, armed with their open minds, a love of nature, and a yearning for community. As the artist notes, “After mankind has ravaged the earth, Sanctuary follows this group of kids from different backgrounds who in their search for refuge, have found it in each other.”

In this collection of work, Evoca1 (aka Elio Mercado) has not only created a landscape, but also a group of characters, through whom we get to explore our own relationships with the earth and with each other. While there are visual elements that give these pieces a certain softness, Evoca1’s work is not timid, but rather confronts viewers with their own humanity.

About Evoca1 (aka Elio Mercado)
Dominican born figurative painter and muralist based out of South Florida. Born in the Dominican Republic, where he spent most of his childhood drawing on walls and playing baseball, until eventually moving to Hollywood, Florida at age 11. As an autodidact, he has received his art education from the compulsive study of the old masters works and techniques. His works are a personal reflection on life as well as from observation, focusing on human behaviors and social struggles. He is currently living and working out of South Florida, where he continues to develop his craft.