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Juxtapoz Magazine - Interview: Mina Hamada's "Quiet Steps" in Paris

Juxtapoz Magazine – Interview: Mina Hamada’s “Quiet Steps” in Paris

As an oddity of sorts in the world of Street Art, Japanese-born and Barcelona-based artist, Mina Hamada, has been traveling the world in recent years, leaving a signature mark of soft and dreamlike abstract compositions.  And as we have seen through much of 2020, artists have been exploring new ways to approach their practice; whether because they have uninterrupted time in the studio or traveling less and more focused on that studio practice. From melancholic imagery portraying the weirdness of the world to uplifting, meme-like pictures commenting on the absurdity of our current reality, we are seeing such a wide-range of new aesthetics. Hamada, too, has gone through that process. The result is Quiet Steps, her debut solo show with Speerstra…

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