Scott Albrecht makes intricate noise that almost appears quiet. He is a painter of sculptures, or a sculptural painter, that creates puzzle-like relief paintings with texture and depth. It’s called deconstructed typography from the gallery, but Louder Than Words feels like another expansive body of work in Albrecht’s graphic language. 

On November 13, Hashimoto Contemporary will host Albrecht’s second exhibition with the gallery. As Scott says, “We interact with text passively all the time, and it can have an effect of conditioning us to consume instead of processing what is being said. These works are intentionally meant to entice the viewer to seek out the message while offering space to consider their own relationship to the idea.”

Reflecting on these works Albrecht adds, “All of the work for this exhibition is inspired by the events of the recent past. In my approach, I try to avoid using pronouns like ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘we’ etc. to allow the viewer to relate their own experience to the sentiment within the piece. In this show, I think that approach carries a different weight because the last year and a half is one of the few times we have all collectively experienced something so significant together, and because of that it allows the work to take on something of a Rorschach-like quality. Contextually these works are inspired by specific events and time, but we all experienced them in our own way, so a person’s relationship to these ideas can be both connected and unique.”