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Juxtapoz Magazine - Paul Rouphail Wants Us to "Be Quiet" @ Smart Objects, Los Angeles

Juxtapoz Magazine – Paul Rouphail Wants Us to “Be Quiet” @ Smart Objects, Los Angeles

The declaration “be quiet” command attention. Perhaps a stern warning? Maybe they summon a peaceful invitation to mindful meditation. They could be both, and they are the title of Paul Rouphall’s follow up to his first international solo debut last year with Stem Gallery in Brussels.  With Be Quiet, the Philadelphia-based Rouphail is back with Smart Objects, Los Angeles for his third presentation with the gallery in an all-new body of work painted in the last 5 months. In concert with what has become our collective isolated reality, the artist explores “domestic spaces in which light transforms various chattel into objects of extraordinary presence.”  

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