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Juxtapoz Magazine - Radio Juxtapoz ep 054: Super Future Kid's "Seaweed Sunrise"

Juxtapoz Magazine – Radio Juxtapoz ep 054: Super Future Kid’s “Seaweed Sunrise”

A few years ago when we published our first interview with East German-born, London-based painter and almost mythical figure Super Future Kid,  deputy editor Kristin Farr asked the artist for a definition of her superpowers, to which she unforgettably answered, “To be incredibly childish and yet able to do all the grown up stuff.” That has stuck with us. An artist with the incredible gift of precisely hand-painting pictures that appear digital and who has created characters that pulsate in hyper-color and unmistakable detail, Super Future Kid has carved out one of the most singular and individualistic careers in the art world. 

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