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Scott Kahn: Afternoon of a Faun @ Harper's Books, NYC

Juxtapoz Magazine – Scott Kahn: Afternoon of a Faun @ Harper’s Books, NYC

Scott Kahn: Afternoon of a Faun @ Harper's Books, NYC
Scott Kahn’s paintings, new and old, feel like a literal breath of fresh air. Perhaps that they are all outside, a mixture of landscapes and surrealistic flourishes, all with a bit of Autumnal mood, gives a sense of nostalgia and peace. This presentation of Kahn’s works, Afternoon of a Faun, on view at Harper’s Chelsea, Harper’s Apartment and ATM in NY, is a mixture of old and new works, some as back as 1986 and some recent as new as 2020, is full of quiet vitality. Where do we find peace? Where do we find solace? And in each brush stroke, or every tree limb wandering on the canvas, Kahn gives us some beautiful questions to ponder. 

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