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Juxtapoz Magazine - Serena Mitnik-Miller's Inspired Nature Works and Abstractions in "U N A" @ Sarah Shepard Gallery, Marin

Juxtapoz Magazine – Serena Mitnik-Miller’s Inspired Nature Works and Abstractions in “U N A” @ Sarah Shepard Gallery, Marin

Sarah Shepard Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition with painter Serena Mitnik-Miller featuring new works in her iconic earth tones, elemental blues and jewel tones. Mitnik-Miller is an artist and designer working between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Her artistic practice is inspired by a visual journey led by a relaxed and meditative spirit. Beginning with pencil drawings, Mitnik-Miller carefully chooses her watercolor pigments to co-exist together on the paper in a composition of interlocking patterns of color and concentric shapes where structures break apart, bubbles stack and pyramids multiply.

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