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Silent Charmers: Aly Helyer @ The Cabin, LA

Juxtapoz Magazine – Silent Charmers: Aly Helyer @ The Cabin, LA

Silent Charmers: Aly Helyer @ The Cabin, LA
“The characters in my work don’t exist in the real world, they are not living individuals,”Aly Helyer tells Juxtapoz. “They are informed by the world around me, art history, magazines, a variety of sources really.” After showing in solo and group exhibitions around London since the mid-1990s, London-based painter Aly Helyer is finally getting recognition abroad, and her current solo exhibition at The Cabin in LA feels like a culmination of all her talents as a painter. Comprising of some 20ish portraits on canvas and panel, the intimate presentation provides a great insight into her practice that relies on form and color through the reinvention of a traditional format.

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