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Death is Not The End

London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984 – 1993 Vol 2 – LSD Magazine

Death is Not The End | Mix Tape

Original Mix Tape from Death is Not The End

We love the second volume of original pirate radio ads from said period. The first volume was an excellent edition to anyones collection. The same can be said of this unique volume of long lost radio ads. Various services are offered such as illegal raves, party information lines, club nights, leather jackets, beauty contests and more. This was the age of Hardcore House, so most are delivered with popular beats of the period. LSD Magazine boss and co-founder Wayne Anthony can be heard on his pirate radio ad from 1990 (Number 11).

Death is Not The End spent hours going through pirate radio recordings on cassette tape to produce the latest edition in the series. They offered various ways of owning the collection such digital download or compact disc. Our favourite is cassette tape, we have some original Walkmans in the office.

A great project and looking forward to Volume 3… Tune In…


Death is Not The End | Mix Tape
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