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Image courtesy Lulu by X Museum.

Lulu, a Hybrid Mexico City Space, Is Becoming a Satellite of China’s X Museum | Artnet News

Asked how the collaboration took shape, Sharp told Artnet News that Lulu was always a hybrid project space that supported itself through selling work, and that the collaboration would allow it to free itself of this commercial aspect.

“Upon deciding to open a commercial gallery under my name in Los Angeles, my intention was to close Lulu, as it would have been too much on my own,” Sharp explained. “But Michael approached me about taking Lulu over and transforming it into a non profit, and I, and my co-founder, Martin Soto Climent, really liked the idea and decided to go ahead with it. So Lulu, in a slightly modified form, lives on.”

Image courtesy Lulu by X Museum.

Image courtesy Lulu by X Museum.

Asked if he is following any other private museum models with this move, Huang told Artnet News that it was still trying new things. “I guess we are learning a bit from everyone, especially the public institutions on how to engage with more audience worldwide,” he wrote. “At the end of the day, art is a global language.”

X Museum founder and collector Michael Xufu Huang. Image courtesy X Museum.

X Museum founder and collector Michael Xufu Huang. Image courtesy X Museum.

Asked if he has plans for additional X Museum satellite spaces, Huang said that next steps remained in development: “We are definitely planning more spaces in other Chinese cities but I believe in fate so things will come when it’s right timing. We don’t have a concrete plan of where and when our next space will be.”

As for the financial arrangement, Huang told us: “X Museum is funding Lulu’s entire budget.”

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