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Max Sansing Sweden Mural

Max Sansing Sweet Freedom Mural in Sweden – LSD Magazine

Max Sansing Sweden Mural 1

Artscape Team Up with Max Sansing for Gothenburg Mural

Artscape, a Swedish street art organisation, partnered with the city of Gothenburg to honour the city’s 400th anniversary this summer. ‘Sweet Freedom,’ the eighth and final mural, was created by American artist Max Sansing, who was making his debut appearance in Europe.

Sansing has risen to prominence as an influential urban artist in the United States in recent years, seamlessly fusing his graffiti background with traditional figurative oil painting styles and heavy symbolism. His colourful artwork, which commonly includes images of young black people, has been displayed on the public sports hall at one of Biskopsgrden’s elementary schools.

“To be able to invite Max Sansing feels amazing. He is a politically conscious artist who unites symbolism, realism and expressive colours in a truly inspiring way and it will put Biskopsgården on the international art scene”, says Daniel Wakeham one of Artscape’s founders.

Max Sansing began his career in the Chicago graffiti scene before attending the American Institute of Art. In addition to his murals, he has art on display in galleries from Washington to Miami. Sansing was inspired by Swedish landscape as well as the Ghanesian term Sankofa, which loosely translates to “connecting to your past for enlightenment.”

The three-story work of art was completed in September, and it is the most recent addition to the region’s growing collection of international street art. Sansing commended the Swedish working atmosphere for allowing him to pursue his artistic instincts before travelling back home. “I didn’t even need to show a sketch and could figure stuff out as I went along. I kind of want to take this mural home with me. It was something special.”

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