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MindGazm | Sensual Guidance

Out Now On MindGazm / Symphonic Label

This voyage of aural senses is meant to have the listeners traveling on a collection of genres as well as complex progressions. The voyage begins with the title track ‘Sensual Guidance’ which is meant to have the blood rushing to your head as your heart pounds to the beats letting your soul take in a variety of instruments both electronic and acoustic which will guide the way towards euphoric sensations.

The second track on this EP ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ will awaken your senses to realize there is more to EDM than just beats and bass. The melodic overtones and a hard driving climax is sure to get the listener swaying to this complex composition. The third song on the EP ‘Sympathy’ is a a transience of melodic flavors. Starting with a sad deep piano groove it progresses to a heavy electronic deep house sound.

Finally, ‘Sound Melody’ ends the aural voyage with a collection of classic rock and early 80’s progressions turning into trance and classic house. The ‘Sensual Guidance’ EP is a journey into a deep house euphoria that transcends electronic dance music combining it with a genre bending explosion.

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