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I Woke up At 9, already too late to me.

I heard that on my mind and took notes:
There could be infinite meanings,

Infinite number of reasons.
There could be much more than what we think one thing is.
There could be all that we ignore,
All that we love,
All that we can’t stand.
There could be a part of us there.
There could be a part of us which died,
A part of us which is awaking,
A part of us which is not born yet.
There could be many many many infinities ,
In one moment.
I was in a very mystical sensitivity mood. I was Getting the coffee down the street and saw 3 Buddhist prayers. They looked at me and so did I. I felt the aura of those prayers. The temple is near and I should take a moment to visit it. 
Then I switched to the active mood.
I had to make time to find supplies to prepare the exhibition on the 16th.
I was thinking that I am losing much time. Here people live with another rythm and they take their time.
I just have to adjust to it, but frustration rose.
I got sick in the morning, stomach problems because of the food I think.
This is normal for Expats , everyone said.
Despite having troubles with the center of my body, I had a normal day and made my best to do things and not sit and wait for it to go.
Marge who is Ludi’s partner at Simone art proposed some medecines to me, But I refused. I just drank water and ate bananas and white rice.
I found the paper for the drawings, new paper quality and colours that I have never used before with minimalistic prints. Exciting !
At 2 as I was relaxing a bit, a journalist popped up.
She’s my age and is half Irish half French. This was a super conversation in which lasted for 3 hours at Simone, as Marge was cooking with love. 
Leigh Ann is working for ‘ Advisor’ , an independant art and culture magazine in Phnom Penh. She heard I was coming and offered to write an article about me and appear on the cover of their next weekly issue.
At first the conversation was about setting the borders. I told her: we can speak and I can tell you all you want to know and even more, But I think you may not use all information. It must be about art and what I am doing here.
I insisted: I know it is your work and you must be a specialist but it is just to make sure that you are professional and that you can do something that reflects my spirit. I am saying it though it may appear obvious. 
I also said: thanks very much I am honoured you make time and like my work. I hope you can unleash your personal writing and I encourage you to take some space for yourself and not just do a standard Q & A interview.
We had that in common : the love of the writing.
The conversation extended to her life and all her love for writing. Her eyes gleamed. I knew that is passion.
She said something I really liked: I know many people like you and me who just want to live their dream and as you are speaking I could hear myself talking about my own choices.
Our generation is in a very unstable social and economic climate and some of us just found other ways to live . Lei Ann is a very progressive woman. She is smart and open-minded. She cares and has a strong degree of ethics and is interested in new and never seen things and topics. A perfect fit.
After the conversation with her , I was in top shape again. 
It was 4pm, and I could use the next 2 hours to continue priming the wall before the night comes at 6pm.
I sat with everyone for a drink after I finished painting. Expats and locals were talking. And I was as usual silent and speechless for 40 minutes, thinking and relaxing before I start talking with everyone  . It was a short session but efficient. I figured it is about waking up early now and making long days of work . I managed to find spray paint. The delivery should be on Wednesday.
It means I can spend one last day priming the wall and do the finishing and start spreading my art on it on Thursday.
There is another project of collaboration with one Corean artist, one guy from Nepal, and one Malaysian on one wall. I proposed to make the global shape of the artwork and that their could insert their art in it.
I think it is super nice to work with Asians. I love the way they work. Professional , focused, kind and they work instead of talking too much. I like the effort they put in doing clean, soft and delicate work. 
These guys are passing by Phnom Penh and they heard about the Boeng Kak Art project. I think we should do something all together before they leave.
With that scheme everyone can be flexible and put one’s art whenever they can.
I have a lot of work here and I am open to melting with others in terms of creativity with a 70% solo work core.
I have prepared the performance of Friday 9th . It is going to include Khmer graphics  mixed with my style.
I am looking forward to it. Ludi and Marge do good promotion but I expect to have some time to go round the city with my scooter and have drinks at expats venues to increase the promotion of my presence here and discover new people and new sensations.
I also chose to work on wooden canvases and abandon the fabric. The size of the artworks is probably going to be way larger.
I have a good plan on my Mind and my time spent finding the supplies was necessary. Ludi helped me a lot and we had a great time riding in the city in the morning. She offered a note book to me . She said: this is for you to write your ideas. On the front page there is a Khmer woman dancer. I like the brownish paper. I am sure I will never forget that experience and those people here. 
I will probably mix car spray paint With graffiti spray paint to manage my stock level a bit better.
Here I am learning how to optimise my paint. It is really interesting.
Many people told me they like my first wall ‘ true to yourself’ with comments like : it is even better in real than on pictures , it is very energising, and it is clean work.
That last one made me happy with regards to the car paint which is not made for graffiti and difficult to manage.
I thought this is kind of old school back in the 80’s working conditions.
And I thought of the first graffiti writers who probably used that type of paint and yet made cool artworks.
At some point, I think I have to be able to do with what I have and make the best out of it. 
I remembered of my friend Bers Grandsinge and one story that taught me a lot. One day he helped me carrying artworks. He came at my studio and wanted to know if he could take 5 spraycans. I gave him colours like yellow red, blue, nice colours which fit Together. 3 weeks later I saw his new artworks. 3 amazing canvases with mixed techniques and the spray paint. I learnt : he can do magic with 6 spray cans ! I should be able to to the same !
I reread the manual of the Warrior of light. It was inspiring. I got bad energy from some people on those last two days, and I also got signs of large support by other people. I am not used to having people around me who like my work as much as that and express it so fully. I am touched in depth.
It seems the path is shaky but I can find elevation in my own soul and meditate. 
I am also thinking of some people I know who supported me. I know they will always love me like I am.
And I will always love them too.
They are probably reading this and they will know, I am thinking of them. 😉
All you need is love