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Missing and Fake Stik Prints Circulating Market - LSD Magazine

Missing and Fake Stik Prints Circulating Market – LSD Magazine

Stik’s ‘Holding Hands’ Print Whipping Up Drama

Local street artist Stik is having a busy few months, after collaborating with Hackney Council on a huge sculpture and the subsequent release of the Holding Hands print. We’re always throwing praise at Stik, an artist that has dedicated much of his professional career to helping local communities. A measure which gets overlooked when the likes of Banksy aids charitable causes. Much like Banksy, Hackney boy Stik has raised over a million pounds in cash for local community centres, youth clubs, arts clubs and hospitals. This recent collaboration with Hackney Council has seen a special sculpture commission set up for artists that seek funding.

Stik has been living in Hackney for decades now, having starting out living rough on the streets. He often acknowledges the people of Hackney for the warmth they brought in the dark of winter. Stik has used his creativity and platform to help and support those that need the aid of local communities. The artist has risen to the global ranks of the most important street artists on the planet.

The Holding Hands prints causing the controversy is a print the artist wanted every Hackney resident to own. An investment they could cash if needed. Celebrating the large sculpture standing in Hoxton Square, the prints were a free giveaway in freely distributed newspaper Hackney Today. This stroke of genius ensured every household in the borough received one of the prints. This seemed to be working according to plan when they received news of missing prints and entire council estates complaining of not receiving any. The A-Team came together and they went about finding the missing units and redistributing them to Hackney council estates. There’s still some missing…

Just as you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it appears someone has produced a range of Fake Prints…The unfolding drama continues and more information is breaking as we speak… You can read more about it on the artists network.

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