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Three Heavyweight Remixes of Absolute Classics on Dope Ammo

The second instalment of Moondance & Dope Ammo Records’ album sampler includes three heavyweight remixes of old school classics. These tracks are most definitely for you if you’re a raver from the early 1990s or simply someone who appreciates good dance music. Take, for example, the Awesome 3’s anthem ‘Don’t Go,’ which was made popular by The Rat Pack and has since been played by every DJ in the UK for many years. Dope Ammo, Sublow HZ, and Zero G have kept the classic vocals intact, added some cheeky time stretches and piano stabs, and crafted an entirely new update for a new era.

1 – Awesome 3 – “Don’t Go” – Dope Ammo, Sublow Hz & Zero G Rmx

2 – DJ Ham – Most Uplifting – Bladerunner Rmx

3 – The Criminal Minds – De-Baptised by Dub (Sidestalker Mix (Spatts Re-Edit)

Kniteforce Records is still going strong, and this wicked remix of one of their rave songs will appeal to new and old fans alike. Since 1994, there have been a few renditions of DJ Ham’s ‘Most Uplifting,’ but now it’s time for Bladerunner to take over the reigns and add his famed magic. The classic piano soundtrack is included, as well as some fantastic chopped and rolled breakbeats. This is precisely how it should be done.

Thanks to Sidestalker, the Criminal Minds episode ‘Baptised by Dub’ has now been renamed ‘De-Baptised by Dub’ (and Spatts on the edit). Another classic track that has been embraced by virtually everyone and that every raver from this era will remember fondly. Thankfully, it’s another faithful remake, preserving most of the original’s brilliance while adding some flair.

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