On The Road – Moniker NYC Art Fairs, Fifth Wall TV, Graffiti & Street Art .magSlideContent .slides img { display: block; width: 100%; } .magSlideContent{ border: 4px solid #ffffff; } July 13, 2018 Fifth Wall TV Fifth Wall create and enhance projects based around art, culture and social movements. This May the Moniker Art Fair team headed stateside to set up the first edition of Moniker NYC. I was out filming with them and thought this would be a great opportunity for unique insight, both behind the scenes of the fair and catching up with the multitude of artists that were in town. This video takes you through INSA’s handmade analogue zoetrope, talks New York graffiti with Skewville, discusses the influence music has on Hera’s work and we have an exclusive studio visit with Axel Void as he prepares for his next show. On top of that, there’s murals being painted by D*Face, Fin DAC, Brusk & Jose Miguel Mendez. – Doug FWTV – On The Road… MONIKER NYC ft. Axel Void, INSA, Hera, Skewville & More

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