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Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar’s ‘Cocaine Hippos’ Culling – LSD Magazine

Pablo Escobar | Cocaine Hippos

Colombian Government Discuss Culling Escobar’s Hippos

The most famous drug dealer on earth was shot dead in 1993. A man with more cash than Bezos, Pablo amassed a huge collection of exotic animals for his private zoo in the Medellin. Illegally smuggled into the country, the media quickly nicknamed them ‘Cocaine Hippos’. After his death most animals were relocated with the exception of four hippos. Although its generally believed they escaped, rumours were rampant they were intentionally set free. Their numbers greatly increased in the wild, today it’s estimated over one hundred hippos are swimming in the waterways.

Now that’s something you won’t see outside of Africa. It should be noted that hippos attack and kill more humans than anything else in the motherland. Given its Colombia and not Africa, some might approve extreme measures such as culling the animals. They say the hippos pose an immediate threat to the local ecology and humans.

Scientist insist on bringing the hippo population under control before any long-lasting damage can be done. They say hippo urine and faeces are toxic and carry dangerous bacteria which is harmful to the local environment. Government officials have no real issue with hippos, considering them a part of the local identity but admit something should be done.

Scientists are calling for the entire hippo population to be culled at the earliest convenience, stating numbers could rise to fifteen hundred animals by 2024. Scientists in the UK believe the hippos made a good replacement for extinct giant llamas and other mammals. They disagree with some of the scientists and suggest allowing the hippos to remain in Colombia. The government is yet to make a decision on the plight of the cocaine hippos.

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