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Music Monday: H ZETTRIO

If you’re afraid of clowns then H ZETTRIO might not be the best way to start your Monday morning. The piano jazz trio differentiate themselves in clown-type fashion by appearing on stage with blue, red and silver-painted noses. Their antics also can be circus like as the three jump around on stage and perform explosive, […]


The Lust and Indulgence of Terry Rodgers

The Lust and Indulgence of Terry Rodgers
Terry Rodgers has acquired considerable fame as the creator of large-scale cinematic paintings that compel the viewer to participate in a disenchanted world where beauty, sex and money do not seem to bring happiness. They evoke the confusing energy, decadence, desire, loneliness and promise of an age. He portrays a contemporary search for a meaningful life as a perpetual existential hangover.