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Rehabilitation Begins at National Museum of Beirut, Basel Gets a New Space, and More: Morning Links from September 1, 2020

Rehabilitation Begins at National Museum of Beirut, Basel Gets a New Space, and More: Morning Links from September 1, 2020

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Staff members from the Louvre began work on a joint rehabilitation project at the National Museum of Beirut, which was damaged extensively by last month’s explosions in the city’s port area. “The aim is to secure the building and the collections as quickly as possible by repairing the doors, windows and security system.” [The Art Newspaper]

The Los Angeles Times checks in on the Grand, a $1-billion mixed-use complex designed by Frank Gehry and now—halfway through planned construction work—hanging on to hopes “that the city will revive and people will come together again in large numbers.” [Los Angeles Times]

Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger, a new exhibition space in the heart of Basel, Switzerland, has launched with an ambitious show of work by contemporary Caribbean artists and programming to include shows encompassing Picasso and Swiss eco-artist Klaus Littmann. [The Art Newspaper]


Author Leslie Jamison found herself surprised by her heartfelt reaction to the art of Donald Judd. “I always thought Judd’s work was intimidatingly austere, until I discovered the plenitude at its core.” [The Atlantic]

A show of late-period Picasso’s “desperate obscenities” in London “captures a still raging genius.” Jonathan Jones writes, “Picasso in old age was outrageous and a bit pathetic, playing up to the role of the veteran creative toreador while torturing himself in his studio as he tried to recapture the priapic energy of his youth. Yet perhaps this is the most human and inspiring Picasso of all…”  [The Guardian]

A new show of work by Jonathan Berger at Participant Inc features a tribute to photojournalist Margaret Morton and lyrics to a song by Michael Stipe about Charles and Ray Eames.  [NY1]


Read artist William N. Copley’s remembrance of fellow artist Joseph Cornell, from a new collection of Copley’s writings published by Walther Konig Verlag. [The Paris Review]

Here’s the harrowing story of how Mark Mothersbaugh from the great new-wave band Devo almost died from Covid-19. [Los Angeles Times]

Locals in Ireland are working to preserve an old fishing boat that came ashore in 1977 and now stands to possibly be the country’s “first permanent sculpture in the sea.” [The Guardian]

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