Review: Heather Day’s “Keep Still”

May 05, 2018 – Jun 26, 2018Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco

I promised Heather Day I would do my best impression of a Jerry Saltz review for her show Keep Still at Hashimoto Contemporary. I am admittedly less articulate and experienced than Saltz, but below is my attempt nonetheless. ––Eben Benson


“I don’t find that galleries oriented towards young audiences are often a destination for art enthusiasts seeking abstract gestural painting. However, for the month of May, the inside of Hashimoto Contemporary’s humbly-sized and well-stocked wooden showroom was filled with abstract paper and canvas works by Heather Day, who has utilized her keen eye for design to make aesthetically engaging and accessible abstract paintings. Both neutral and earth tones swim freely along the 50 or so pieces, only interrupted by frames, and many red dots. Day evades stuffy abstract preconceptions and pretensions by inviting audiences in that may be unfamiliar, but who ultimately choose to stay and engage, skirting past lifted noses and tightly held wine glasses.”

painting hashimoto contemporary heather day Jerry Saltz

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