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Sonny Bronze Tiger at UN

Sonny & Discovery Collaboration for Untied Nations Building – LSD Magazine

Sonny Bronze Tiger at UN


Sonny Bronze Tiger Statue Mounted Outside the UN

Discovery Inc., a global leader in real-life entertainment, will unveil a large-scale bronze tiger statue by acclaimed artist Sonny Behan at the United Nations (UN) building in New York as part of its Project C.A.T. to honour tigers and raise awareness for endangered species ahead of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly. This public artwork, which was on display at the famed bell ringing event to close the markets at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square on Monday, is positioned near the renowned ‘Non-Violence’ sculpture at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Discovery’s Project C.A.T. (Conserving Acres for Tigers) campaign, created in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), helps to safeguard and conserve approximately six million acres of tiger habitat spanning India, Bhutan, and Russia.

Discovery Inc. and the artist (also known as @sonnysundancer) have previously worked together to promote tiger conservation. In 2017, they created a tiger street painting in SoHo, Manhattan, which has since become a famous attraction in the area. Sonny contributed to Project C.A.T.’s fundraising efforts a year later by donating a portion of the proceeds from his sold-out 2018 solo exhibition in New York to the organisation. Sonny has gained a reputation as a socially conscious artist who wants to make a difference by utilising his artistic voice to raise awareness for important environmental and ecological issues. As a creative ambassador, Sonny fights not just for endangered animals, but also for a multitude of environmental issues that our planet is currently facing.

The South African artist is well known for his large-scale public murals and beautiful and complicated wildlife paintings. He is currently located in the United States. His one-of-a-kind paintings combine hyper-realism with abstract colour splashes, a technique he’s now applying to three-dimensional works. Sonny will release a set of smaller bronze wildlife sculptures that follow the same style next month as part of his three-part sculpture exhibition, Paradox III.

Representing the resilience of nature and humanity, ‘Abhaya’ (fearlessness) is a celebration of the color these animals bring to our world. In such challenging times, we can all draw inspiration from the tiger, a universal symbol of courage and strength. After a century of decline, wild tiger numbers are starting to increase. Yet, it’s important to remember that threats to tigers are ever present. This is why the tiger is depicted in motion, jumping forward into the future; a future that relies so heavily on the actions we take today. I’m honored to bring one of these iconic big cats to the United Nations and hope that it will serve as a reminder of the importance of protecting and conserving, not only tigers, but all wildlife across the globe,” said Sonny Behan.

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