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Sonny Releases 'Paradox III' - LSD Magazine

Sonny Releases ‘Paradox III’ – LSD Magazine


Sonny Online Sculpture Showcase Explores Duality

Sonny Behan (@sonnysundancer), an internationally famous urban contemporary artist, has spent the last eighteen months creating an ambitious new sculptural show, consisting of three unique bronze sets that explore the duality of humans and nature.

Sonny is using sculpture for the first time as a primary form of artistic expression. He is most known for his detailed wildlife portraits and large-scale public murals, which have been exhibited all over the world. Following the success of his first sold-out solo exhibition ‘To The Bone’ in New York in 2018, this new body of work is the next step in Sonny’s journey as a multi-disciplinary artist.

He has gained a reputation as a dedicated artist who wants to make a difference by using his artistic voice to raise awareness for endangered species and environmental issues. Working with organisations such as the United Nations, UNICEF, WWF, IFAW, and Discovery’s Project CAT, Sonny has used his artwork to urge people to protect the environment for future generations.

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For the past eighteen months, the South African artist, who now lives in the United States, has been working on this new piece, which has been as much about contemplation, learning, reflection, and reinvention as it has been about production. As a result, an ambitious online display has been constructed, consisting of three unique sculpture collections, each of which investigates the universal contradiction that underlines the existence of everything, and which are shown at regular intervals. His three-dimensional sculptures serve as containers for delving into the complex relationship between chaos and order, as well as humanity’s ambiguous core.

The first collection, titled ‘Ether,’ will be released on September 16th, 2021, at, and will examine the delicate balance between the conflicting forces of creation and destruction; life and death. If we are to take the first step on our personal and societal path to harmony, the sculptures encourage us to recognise the light and dark that lies within us all. As a result, they’re a symbol of peace and hope for a new era in which humans and environment can live in harmony.

Sonny foregoes the traditional gallery walls in favour of an online experience that allows him to explore new creative story paths while remaining conscious of the physical constraints of the existing context. In addition to his huge body of modern sculptures, Sonny is releasing a short film alongside cinematographer Nick Burton-Moore. The film depicts an engrossing recreation of Sonny’s new body of work’s story. Moore’s cinematography, which is Burton-unusual, is blended with Sonny’s dramatic visuals in this piece, providing a greater comprehension of the thoughts and feelings portrayed in the artist’s most recent works.

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  • Sonny Paradox lll

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