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Street Art  Graffiti Art  Canvas Gallery  Anthea Missy

Street Art  Graffiti Art  Canvas Gallery  Anthea Missy

Self taught artist, Anthea Missy started painting in 2014 after the completion of a masters’ degree in business administration. Back then, an incandescent new-born passion led the artist to combine her fierce for travels and creation. ‘Come as you are ‘ as a moto and a single-minded spirit reflects on her personal style in doing and sharing her art. The storyline includes people and an experience that is here and now in the places she’s been. Indeed, she sets to create atmospheres rather than explicit messages. Fluidity and smoothness embrace elongated lines and patterns seemingly twisting the urban space and most often brought out spontaneously in one run by the emotion of the moment.

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Contrasted organic proliferations and broken symmetry

The art of Anthea Missy is about motion and exploits the tension of diagonals and circular patterns. Inspired by the Japanese rules of art – keeping things simple- the most minimalist works are biomorphic black patterns on a white solid background shaken with bold colours such as red, magnetic blue or turquoise.  In their more complex appearance, her amoebic compositions seem to be fractals of asymmetric organic shapes laced together or disjoined in an alternative rhythm. Conversely, recent works enriched with tonal blur convey stronger ethereal and mystique atmospheres. Thus her visual language owns a metaphysical dimension still psychedelically-tinted, and evolving towards a more tactile set of sensations.

Versatile abstract narrative with a dreamy figurative edge

Poetic art with a lyrical touch, the dynamics of her artwork is propelled by opposite streams of feelings inspired by the energies of water and wind, whether suspended or somehow in an ambiguous decomposed vs. united tangle. Universe’s compounds are studied as a single whole, tied on the verge of conflicts between dream and reality. Further, Asian trips doing urban art and ties with local communities impacted her works to shift towards a more figurative experience with an emphasis on cuteness and the Kawaii touch. Apparent happiness and positivity of her innocent characters’ blend with the uncontrollable motion of life expressed with groups of sharp lines overlaid and kept femininely rounded.

Fierce for adventure anchored in time and space

Her compositions spread like viral proliferations in the streets where the works seem transformative of a character of a place, lifting up the ambiance with mystery and light. Influenced by community engagement and numerous personal artistic endeavours, she spreads her art where she feels it can make a difference. Besides, described as a very feminine woman painting with heels and shorts, scrapping dirty walls, splashing paint over herself in her adventurous urban takes, Anthea Missy seems to convey a strong message about woman empowerment while exploring her art and the world in a childish playful manner. ‘ Life is now, we should all grasp the moment and share it with people. I seek to share the energy of life in my work and inspire them to explore the path of self expression that stirs true happiness. When people feel enthusiastic, I feel connected with them and thus the universe. My art as a catalyst, is just a reminder of their own ability to love and reflects to themselves in a moment, a sort of self-consciousness of aliveness’.

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