Sanjiku-Kumiori means triaxial woven fabric and is a technique found in Kyoto. It’s derived from the kumihimo technique of braiding, which fans of the movie Kimi no Na Wa will most certainly remember, and has been passed down for roughly 1000 years. The weaving machine used for the production of Sanjiku-Kumiori is a huge circular loom that measures 5 meters (16.4 ft) in diameter and there are only 2 of them in all of Kyoto.

the loom used to produce Sanjiku-Kumiori

Omiya Co. is one of the only companies creating Sanjiku-Kumiori textiles , which are typically reserved for use in kimono. But in 2013 they established a textile brand called Sanjiku and began creating lifestyle products as well. They’ve now partnered with Pass The Baton, a retail shop specializing in upcycled materials, to create a stunning lineup of products made from sample and leftover fabrics that normally might go to waste.

The current lineup includes coin holders, business card holders, gift wrappers and pocket squares. Unfortunately, they’re currently only available at Pass The Baton in Kyoto so if you are nearby be sure to stop in.

gamaguchi coin case (6000 yen)

pocket squares (6800 yen)

fukusa gift wrapping cloth