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Releases: KAWS – “SMALL LIE” Figures

After dropping hints on Instagram for the last few weeks, KAWS is ready to finally release his SMALL LIE figures. This new sculptural limited edition features his popular companion figure (a remix of Mickey Mouse with a skull and crossbones head), with the addition of a Pinocchio nose. The figure will be produced in the usual Black, Grey, and Brown colorways and will be available tomorrow at noon EST on the Brooklyn-based artist’s website. Discuss KAWS here. …

Releases: JR x Os Gemeos x Pharrell – “BOOMBOX”

Tomorrow at 4 PM (Paris time), Social Animals will be releasing an intriguing limited edition fashioned from the collaborative efforts of JR (interviewed), Os Gemeos, and Pharrell. Entitled BOOMBOX, the piece features imagery from the street artists on two vinyl records with exclusive tracks from OsG and Pharrell hidden inside along with a cassette box with 10 instant prints of the three artists. Produced with an edition size of 300, the project that was influenced by their love of hip hop culture will come numbered and signed by all the artists.   https://www.instagram.com/p/BcaBoOnnrvk/ Discuss Os Gemeos here. Discuss JR here. …

Releases: Aaron De La Cruz x Hex Capsule Collection

Aaron De La Cruz recently collaborated on a capsule collection with Hex featuring duffel bags, backpacks, and a phone case. The resulting items mix the brand’s sleek products with the Bay Area-based artist’s signature geometric style that fans of public art will be familiar with. Check out a video about the project below and head here if you want to make a purchase. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpVxG7TGDBE …

Releases: Daniel Arsham – “Sand Circle”

latest limited edition is set to release on November 26th at noon EST on his . Entitled Sand Circle, the new art object will be produced in a run of 500 and continues the NY-based artist’s fascination with lunar imagery. Arsham further explains – “In the 1960’s, during the space race there were different devices developed and created to explore distant galaxies and planets. One was famously a device that utilized sand, water, and air to create landscapes. This piece taps into that world while also focusing on the themes common in my work, specifically time and the logic of erosion and formation. Every time the Sand Circle is turned, the landscape on top is destroyed, yet there is a new view reforming on the bottom. They are eroding away, but simultaneously creating something new. In the Sand Circle, you are also taking part in ‘unveiling,’ as the sand will cover and uncover these moons within the piece. The moons are based on my studies of exoplanets and my time spent at NASA JPL. The moons are invented. They are unfamiliar yet familiar at the same time.” Discuss Daniel Arsham

Releases: Mark Ryden – “Snow Yak Ornament”

Tomorrow (November 20), Mark Ryden (interviewed) will be releasing something that might come in handy when you start setting up your Christmas tree. The Snow Yak Ornament was created with 3D printing and is a sculptural reproduction of one his most recognizable characters. Priced at $175 and limited to a run of 250, this can be a decoration for your tree and a xmas present for yourself. Head over to Porterhouse to look more details and to purchase tomorrow. Discuss Mark Ryden here. http://arrestedmotion.com