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Previews: Edwin Ushiro – “A Survey” @ Giant Robot 2

On July 8th, Giant Robot 2 in Los Angeles will be opening a new solo from Edwin Ushiro (interviewed) entitled A Survey. Like his showing with the gallery back in 2015 (covered), the locally-based artist delves deep into his youth with nostalgic scenes from his experiences growing up in Hawaii. Created through his unique process and novel technique, the paintings seem to glow with a luminous light  like a memory extracted from Ushiro’s Pensieve. Ushiro further explains – “Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things by Lafacdio Hearn is a book that has held my childhood fascination of the supernatural into my adult life. I interpreted selections of the Japanese folktales in this book through the eyes of a Japanese American growing up in Hawaii. A place where the supernatural is alive and well documented since the arrival of the immigrants in 1885. From here, I am able to present and share with you a better understanding of these folktales.” Discuss Edwin Ushiro here. http://arrestedmotion.com

POW! WOW! Hawaii ’16 / Showing: Exploring The New Contemporary Movement” @ Honolulu Museum of Art School

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Showing in associated POW! WOW! Hawaii through the tomorrow at the Honolulu Museum of Art School is the 4th annual Exploring The New Contemporary Movement group exhibition (see 2016 & 2015 & 2014) curated by Thinkspace. Artists were asked to contribute 12 x 12″ pieces leading to a visually conforming display of works. Rounding things out was a showcase for Shok-1 (seen below) and a Homer Simpson x Banksy parody installation by Oak Oak (seen above).
Other participants include: Aaron Li-Hill, ABCNT, Alex Garant, Alex Yanes, Amy Sol, Baghead, Brian M. Viveros, Brian Washburn, Brooks Salzwedel, Bumblebeelovesyou, Carl Ashman, Christopher Konecki, Collin Van Der Sluijs, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, David Cooley, David Rice, Defer, Denial, Derek Gores, Drew Leshko, Dulk, Edwin Ushiro, Ekundayo, Evoca, Fernando Chamarelli, Ghostbeard, Ian Francis, Icy and Sot, Jaime Molina, James Bulloug, James Rek, Jana & JS, Jeffrey Gress, Jolene Lai, Juan Travieso, Kaplan Bunce, Katch, Kelly Vivanco, Kohshin Finley, Kwanchai Moriya, Kyle Stewart, Linnea Strid, Lisa Ericson, Liz Brizzi, Low Bros, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Martin Whatson, Mary Iverson, Matthew Grabelsky, Meggs, Mike Egan, Molly Gruninger, Okuda, Patch Whisky, Peter Adamyan, Ratur, Ricky Lee Gordon, Rodrigo Luff, Sail, Scott Listfield, Sean 9 Lugo, Sean Mahan, Sebastian Wahl, Sergio Barrale, Sergio Garcia, Slick, Snik, Tara McPherson, Tatiana Suarez, Telmo Miel, Tran Nguyen, Wiley Wallace, Woes, Wooden Wave, and Yosuke Ueno.
Oak Oak installation photo via Thinkspace.
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