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Uniholic: A New Tokyo Restaurant that Specializes in Sea Urchin

Sea urchin, or uni, is a delicacy in Japan. But it’s also an acquired taste. For uni lovers like ourselves, you’re probably accustomed to having it served on rice as sushi, or as sashimi. Maybe the occasional uni pasta. But now a new Tokyo restaurant, aptly named Uniholic, wants to open up the doors to […]


The Handbook of Japanese Beans

Did you know that Japan has almost 200 different varieties of beans? Food writer Kiyomi Hasegawa traversed all of Japan to bring you this wonderfully laid out typology of Japanese beans. The book was designed by Azusa Kawaji, who helped organize and assemble the beans in a clear and intelligible way that emphasizes the round, […]


Performance Artist Tatsumi Orimoto and His Facial Baguette Flash Mobs

Last weekend a group of 36 people with 3 to 6 baguettes wrapped around their face appeared suddenly at Onomichi Station in Hiroshima, Japan. They paraded down a street, through the city’s shopping district and even went on a ferry ride, all the while chanting “We are Bread Men. We are not human” in Japanese […]