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Interview with Anthea Missy, Graffiti & Contemporary Street Art Artist

Contemporary street artists are not concerned with impressing members of the Academy or approved authorities. Rather, they are interested in revoking many social conventions about art. Contemporary street artists produce their works with the belief that art does not only belong in museums but also on the streets with the people. That is why many of them, such as Banksy, operate under pseudonyms, because vandalizing public property is a crime.


Between Asia and Brussels her strokes are minimalistic. The urban art of Anthea Missy in naive only in appearances. The self-taught painter plays on a scene is still very masculine.

Near the trees of the upcoming Tivoli Project – a sustainable real estate project downtown Laeken Brussels – the quays of the canal have changed. Here and there, wild style tags have been covered by street art. At Yacht Quay, in front of the Work Monument and Constantin Meunier Sculptures, a mural in all roundness tells a story of water and life, a short escape from our stressed daily routine. Two steps from Tivoli Street, on a wall near a mosk , a cat would be playing with a denotation button, making love bombs explode.