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The Alpinist Documentary

The Alpinist Official Trailer (2021) – LSD Magazine

The Alpinist Documentary

The Legendary Marc-André Leclerc Documentary in UK Cinemas Now

THE ALPINIST is a classic in the making, a documentary about Marc-André Leclerc, a visionary solo climber with a deep love for the mountains. In 2020, the film was selected for the Telluride and SXSW Film Festivals. Another stunning film from the mountaineering community worthy of a golden statue.

Marc-André Leclerc solo climbs away from the spotlight. The free-spirited 23-year-old Canadian conducts some of the most perilous solo ascents in history on difficult mountain peaks. Despite this, he receives little attention. Leclerc’s method is the essence of solo adventure, with no cameras, rope, or margin for error.

The Alpinist Documentary

He’s a nomad without a phone or a car, and he’s wary of letting a film crew inside his space. Peter Mortimer (The Dawn Wall) is an accomplished filmmaker who sets out to shoot a documentary about Leclerc but finds it difficult to keep up with his elusive subject. Then, in Patagonia, Leclerc begins on a historic journey that would push solo climbing to new heights.

Featuring Marc-André Leclerc, Brette Harrington, Alex Honnold, Reinhold Messner, Barry Blanchard.  Cinematography by Jonathan Griffith, Austin Siadak, Brett Lowell.  Edited by Joshua Steel Minor, Peter Mortimer, Josh Lowell, Fernando Villena.  Original Composition by Turtle.  Directed by Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen.


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