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The Eighty Eight Podcast

The Eighty Eight Podcast #18 Paul Ibiza – LSD Magazine

The Eighty Eight Podcast

Fantastic Ibiza | Jungle Splash | Ibiza Records

Paul Ibiza has been kicking off doors since he was fifteen. He began staging soul parties from an early age and continued staging events for over 3 decades. In that time he has founded a new genre of music which he called Jungle. Launched the biggest Jungle record label on the planet. A label still very active today which presses vinyl at his own plant. When Acid House came along in 1988, Paul ventured to the historic hotspots that launched Acid House. Paul took the promoter blueprint from Genesis’88 and established The Fantastic Ibiza as a powerful platform for emerging talent. Paul shares many stories on his epic journey through EDM, staging dozens of parties.

Host: Wayne Anthony (Genesis’88 / Class of 88 Author)
Guest: Paul Ibiza (Fantastic Ibiza | Ibiza Records)

The Eighty Eight Podcast

Ibiza Records

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