The (Greek) Gods Are Smiling on Todd James

Jun 15, 2018 – Jul 10, 2018Dio Horia Gallery, Mykonos, Greece

Through July 10th, Dio Horia Gallery on Mykonos, Greece, will be presenting The Gods Are Smiling on Us, an exhibition of new works by Todd James. This will mark the New York-based artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, following his two-week long art residency on the island.

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For this showcase, James created 9 paintings and 12 drawings that are continuing his recent body of work built around interior scenes and figurative imagery. The artist also painted a series of new works during his residency, taking the inspiration directly from the scenes and scenery seen around the Greek island. From female characters in bikinis, authentic architectural elements, to subtle details that reveal the origin of the images, this location seems like the perfect setting for his work that often glorifies leisure, holidays and hedonism.

Using oversaturated hues of vibrant colours, James composes flat images which usually depicts actual setting through an assemblage of seemingly abstract colourful shapes. Its this loose approach to depiction that adds an extra flavour to paintings that repeatedly celebrate or criticize the carefree lifestyle. The installation also includes a new series of works portraying busy interiors and peaceful private spaces. Rendered with a visual language that puts very little focus on perspective or scale, these off-representations constructing somewhat humorous visions of mundane, everyday places. —Sasha Bogojev

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