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thnx Smart Tags Reunites Lost Items with Owners - LSD Magazine

thnx Smart Tags Reunites Lost Items with Owners – LSD Magazine

thnx The Best Non-Electronic Smart Tag on the Market

The thnx smart tag, a non-electronic tag, is quickly becoming the go-to solution for recovering lost pets and property. The thnx tag began as a crowdfunded initiative on Kickstarter many moons ago. We were strong supporters of the campaign and raised awareness about it throughout our network. There was nothing else like it on the market at the time, therefore the campaign was a big success, and the tag was launched.

The team behind the QR-based tags continued to work behind the scenes, upgrading the system whenever possible, until the firm, product, and packaging were all rebranded.

Today, the company offers a number of waterproof thnx tags in a variety of sizes, colours, and formats.

We like the fact that the tags are non-electronic because it makes them ideal for animal use, in our instance, dogs. Because some of our pets have been legally chipped for years, installing another device that emits a signal is out of the question.

The bright thnx smart tags are designed to withstand any storm and even a washing machine (forgot it was attached to the harness).

The company’s motto, ‘The world is full of honest finders,’ is on message as well. We frequently find smartphones lost in the park as early morning dog walkers, and we rely on the owners to call the phone so we can return it. I’ve had two missing phones charging for over a week, waiting for the owners to call. It would have been much easy to contact the worried owners if they had one of the handy thnx stickers on the unit, as I do today. With the invention of stickers, you can now attach tags to almost everything you value.

thnx Smart Tags

Once you’ve purchased these tags, all you have to do now is scan them to begin the process. Tags are linked to a phone app that allows you to provide finders contact information and a note (you don’t actually need a phone, can send emails as well). When a registered tag is scanned, you determine what information will be reviewed. When someone scans the tag, you get instant messages and emails. Their location is also pinpointed and relayed to you via Google Earth. 

We noticed that the company provides a free tag to finders who scan and return missing items to their rightful owners. If you’re planning a trip, you can schedule flight and accommodation information in case your luggage is delayed or sent to a different location.

The thnx smart tags are great tools and we highly recommend them, they make excellent gifts for just about anyone.


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